This is about your connection to water.

Over the past four years, I successfully completed over 25 commissioned paintings for private collections, galleries, and public institutions, locally and nationwide. Together, my clients and I work with a body of water that is significant in their life. During chaotic transitions of life or quiet moments of peace, it is important for us to reconnect with nature, especially water, to remember that we are a part of the larger cycles and rhythms of the earth. This is a celebration. This is about healing with nature.

This process may include:

  • selecting the body of water that is most significant to you
  • joining me in an honorable harvest at the location of your choice
  • participating in intention-setting and writing on your canvas
  • receiving photos and updates throughout my painting process

Please reach out if you would like to collaborate and create something beautiful for your space. 

Currently accepting inquiries for 2018.

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