Featured painting

Back Home

acrylic, collected Platte River water and sediment on canvas

30" x 30"

private commission

I recently completed this commissioned painting for a woman who honored the one-year-anniversary of her mother's passing. In anticipation of this date, she planned a trip back home to Nebraska at the time of the August solar eclipse, to reconnect with the land and water that her mother deeply loved. She harvested materials for our project and returned to the Twin Cities with more than 2-gallons of river water and a container full of fresh sediment. We met at my studio to exchanges stories and photographs of her reconnection to family ancestry and place. I listened and learned. And so as I painted, I channeled her words and images to create "Back Home." Layered with the colors and materials of the Platte River, this painting represents the passage between spirit and life, heaven and earth.

Annie Hejny is an abstract acrylic painter who explores local waters to create textured paintings with collected water and sediment.

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