Shoreline No. 11, acrylic and collected Mississippi River water on canvas, 36" x 48", 2015 and 2017 (SOLD)


In 2014, I began painting the Shoreline Series while reflecting on the undulating edges of shorelines as a metaphor for boundaries. I walked this physical line between the elements of earth and water while dreaming of diving into the blue abyss. It took many seasons of watching the river and its transformations before I was able to meet my edge and soften.

Back in my studio, I expressed the emotional weather of these places while considering the light and shadows of the water's surface in contrast to the dense and textured walking paths. Inspired by the Mississippi River, Lake Michigan as well as other local sources, I developed a deep appreciation for the expanses of water and I began to trust in its cyclical journey. Painting many thin layers of highly-saturated shades of blue, these gradients of color mirror the slow process of transformation. Both light and dark are necessary within the depths of ourselves, a place to which we much also travel.