Annie Irene | Art & Interiors

I am an interior organizer, event curator and space stylist.

I believe that creating beautiful spaces allows us to find ease and reconnection in our lives. Whether you are curating from your own collection of treasures or deciding what to purchase for your home, I am here to collaborate with you.

I work one-on-one with clients and families, listen to your needs and meet you where you are at. This collaborative-curation process inspires conversations as we seek economical and sustainable ways to awaken your home. I support you as you clear your space and initiate new organizational habits. It is time to reclaim your space!

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Awaken your home


“When a room is organized down to the core, there is a feeling of ease and harmony. Annie has an eye for design and room arrangement that transcends ordinary organization. She helped me get down to the essence of what I wanted to feel as I moved through out my condo. She has amazing energy and passion for both the big picture and the little out-of-sight details. We worked collaboratively, so that it was truly an organic and spontaneous process that gave me ownership of the whole space in a new way. When I walk into my condo now I sigh with the sense of serenity that is the sense of truly being home. Thank you, Annie!!” - Susan G. [Minneapolis, MN]

“Annie intuitively understands how to weave physical objects into a seamless stream of energy so that you feel uplifted and at ease in the space you are in.  Her method of organizing goes beyond functionality (although rest assured, she definitely understands how to make a space functional) - to Annie, organizing and space curation is a work of art, an extension of her talent as a visual artist.  When she is done with your space, you will notice yourself simply exhaling because it feels. so. good.  Truly magical.  I highly recommend her!” - Amanda L. [Minneapolis, MN]

Event Curation

Are you hosting an exciting or unique event in your home? Whether you need to work with what you already have, or if you’re seeking new items for this special occasion, I will come alongside as we organize, cleanse and prepare the space for your guests.