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Saturday, July 29 at 6 PM - 9 PM

You're invited to a one-night exploration of two artists’ internal processes through fine art and movement. 

Gallery reception and three performances beginning at the top of each hour. It's going to be an incredible event! Meet the artists: Jennifer Pray and Alex Poepping.

Details on the Facebook event page.


In 2015, Twin Cities artist, Annie Hejny, was seeking ways to expand her exposure into the local art scene. Using her closest resource, her home, specifically the single-stall garage, she created her own space for exhibitions and art receptions. Clearing out furniture, outdoor equipment and materials from house projects, Annie renovated her parking space into gallery three.

gallery three is an alternative artist exhibition space, converted from a single-stall garage into a brightly-lit, intimate gallery for pop-up art events.

It located in the Summit-University neighborhood of St. Paul, at the South side of alley between Dayton Avenue and Marshall Avenue at Dale Street and St. Albans Street.

The gallery is 242 square feet with three walls for 2-D art, and 9’ ceilings for 3-D / installation art. Driveway space may also be available for 3-D art. The gallery is open to the public only during the event hours.

Interested in exhibiting for a pop-up event during 2017? Submit a proposal to gallery director, Annie Hejny:

Please make sure to include the following in your prospectus:

  • Contact Information: email, phone number, and website
  • 2-4 samples of your artwork (minimum 300 dpi at 4x6")
  • Image list
  • Artist Statement

Photography credit: Joseph Peter Sullivan, Katie Beumer, Julie Oliver


Past exhibitions

Examining Our Earth: Doroth Mayer and Erika Terwilliger, April 27th, 2017

Water Commoning: Artworks by Annie Hejny and Music / Poetry by Ben Weaver, October 6, 2016

Annie Hejny and First Dates (Aaron Rosell & Shawn Bortel), October 17, 2015

Katie Beumer: Solo Exhibition, October 2, 2015

Homebody: New Works by Annie Hejny, July 31, 2015