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In 2015, Annie Hejny converted her single-stall garage into gallery three, an alternative artist exhibition space for pop-up events. It located in the Summit-University neighborhood of St. Paul, the alley on Dale Street between Dayton Avenue and Marshall Avenue. The gallery is 242 square feet with three walls for 2-D art and 9’ ceilings for 3-D / installation art. The driveway space may also be available for 3-D art. The gallery is open to the public only during the event hours.

Interested in exhibiting for a pop-up event? Submit a proposal to gallery director, Annie Hejny.

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Past exhibitions

2018 Exhibitions

The fourth year for gallery three. Artists include: 

  • Sarah Weiss (visual art)
  • Abby Landes (musician)
  • Dahlia Jones(musician)