This is about your connection to water.

Over the past four years, I successfully completed over 30 commissioned paintings for private collections, galleries, and public institutions, locally and nationwide. Together, my clients and I work with a body of water that is significant in their life. During chaotic transitions of life or quiet moments of peace, it is important for us to reconnect with nature, especially water, to remember that we are a part of the larger cycles and rhythms of the earth. This is a celebration. This is about healing with nature.

This process may include:

  • selecting the body of water that is most significant to you
  • joining me in an honorable harvest at the location of your choice
  • participating in intention-setting and writing on your canvas
  • receiving photos and updates throughout my painting process

I would love to hear from you! Let's collaborate and create something beautiful for your space.  |

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Client testamonials

I wanted this commissioned piece to tell a story from the Mississippi River. Throughout college, I spent a lot of time studying, socializing, and sitting on the shore of the river. No matter what the season was, the Mississippi shoreline became my sacred space.  I wanted to work with Annie to tell this story.

One of the most incredible things about the commission was that Annie included me in the process of creation.  She sent me photos and videos of the snow that was harvested, as well as shared the song that she sang as she ceremoniously collected it.  Annie also invited me into her studio and let me write on the canvas before she started the painting process.  Her and l engaged in a lot of conversation throughout the weeks it was being created, marveling at the magnificent mystery and story of this water.  

Now this gorgeous story is hanging as the centerpiece in my living room, and I get to wake up every morning to see it's colors and texture illuminated in the morning light. It feel so personal!  It's a source of visual healing for me, reminding me of the innate purity of the cells in my body. I feel inspired to be kind to myself. My body is, after all, 70% water. 

- Amanda, Minneapolis, March 2018

Mississippi Metamorphosis

acrylic, collected Mississippi River water, ice and sediment on canvas

36" x 48" 


"We have been admiring Annie’s work for years and we’re so happy we took the opportunity to work with her individually. We knew we would end up with a beautiful and unique painting, but we didn’t know how special the process would become for us. Annie deepened our connection to the body of water that we chose and provided the opportunity to learn about her artistic process. The painting now hangs in the entryway to our house, and is a continual reminder to be stewards of the earth."

Jana and Baxter, Saint Paul, December 2017

Back Home

acrylic, collected Platte River water and sediment on canvas

30" x 30"


"From our first meeting about the possibility of commissioning a work in memory of Mom, all the way to delivery of the painting, working with Annie was so fulfilling. Her philosophies on art, humanity, and our relationship with the Earth all resonated strongly with me, and everything about the project felt serendipitous. Annie so clearly valued the sharing of my stories and memories of Mom, and was eager to integrate them into her process, which made the project (and the product) deeply meaningful to me."

- Liz, Minneapolis, September 2017



I commissioned a piece by Annie for my dad of his beloved property on Lake Superior. Working with Annie was an absolute dream. Her passion for the work, as well as her desire to learn as much about her clients, their chosen body of water, and their relationship with water gives her paintings a level of deep meaning, spirituality and connection.

The care, thoughtfulness, compassion and skill that Annie channels into her painting is what makes the pieces so incredibly powerful. Annie has the incredible talent of being able to put on canvas the stories, feelings, thoughts and memories shared with her.  I could stare at her paintings all day long and be lost in thought with possibility, a deep sense of calm, and trust that everything flows into the next thing. 

- Meghan, Minneapolis, November 2017