Everywhere I go, I am aware of the spaces around me. While living in the Twin Cities, I am affected by the variety of buildings, streets and communities. Commanding attention, both people and structures speak a relentless dialogue of the lonely chaos found along busy streets. These become the prominent content in my highly saturated paintings. I observe how urban landscapes echo the divided relationship between humans and the land we occupy. I capture my experiences with photos, seeking areas with striking form, color and perspective. Utilizing complementary color schemes, dichotomies are reinforced. These paintings are vibrant yet lonely and reflect the jarring nature of life in concrete city.

During 2013-2014, I resided in Chicago, IL and painted in the bay window of a shared apartment. I was searching for something, longing to speak my truth; yet, I often felt lonely in the dense chaos, grappling to define “home.” Particularly, my monthly travels between St. Paul, MN and Chicago caused me to withdraw into myself. Airplanes lifted me above blue shores of the Great Lake Michigan. These paintings contain my internal commentary on urban life, the textured streets and towering structures woven into our stories.